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"Offering Hope - Sharing Jesus" 

Lighthouse Baptist Church discipleship resources

Discipleship Road Map - This document is a 1 page reference for a Christian's growth into maturity. It contains 7 discipleship principals that will help a Christian to grow into Christian maturity across the 4 key discipleship values of Love, Grow, Serve, Share. To help those teaching and learning this curriculum, each principal is communicated using a "memory aid" often in the form of a shape or acronym. Click on the headings below to view the individual discipleship principals. 

Recognition of sources: Various sources have influenced our current approach to discipleship. In particular pastor Andrew would like to recognise the work of:

Mike Breen (2014) - Building a Discipling Culture
Steve Smith and Ying Kai (2001) - T4t: A Discipleship Re-Revolution
Colin Noyes (2015) - As You Go: Make Disciples (2015)